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Frequently asked questions

How do I decide which model is right for me?

You can check out our helpful video which covers our three most popular models here. We also have a friendly team ready to talk you through which model may be best, and we can even take a look at photos of your property to give suggestions and advice. You can also chat with us live, right now, by clicking here.

I have some slopes. How does the Bobcat perform?

We have many customers who operate their Bobcat’s successfully on undulating ground. It all depends on how steep the slope is, along with other factors like how rough the ground is, or how wet it will be when you mow. Most minor slopes are fine with standard turf tyres, however if you have more moderate slopes you may wish to upgrade to all terrain tyres (click here to see the options). All terrain turf tyres are a great way to go more places with your zero-turn, without severely damaging the grass.

If you are concerned about stability, a model with a roll frame will be a must have, so check with us today about which model will be best for you.

I don’t know whether I want to mulch, catch or discharge. What is best?

This will be up to you to decide, as there is no straightforward answer, but we’d love to help out as best we can! Side discharge remains the most popular method, out of the hundreds of kiwi Bobcat owners. But if you’re after a clean finish in some areas, you may want to consider a catcher kit, or a mulch kit. Call us today to discuss what might be best for you.

Do you ship New Zealand Wide?

We absolutely do. Anywhere in New Zealand in fact. We use the renowned BikeTranz company who specialise in the delivery of motorbikes and other small vehicles around the country, so you can be sure your mower will arrive safe and sound onto your property by one of their friendly team.

How does the mower arrive?

Your Bobcat arrives fully assembled, with any attachments or add-ons fitted, fully run up with petrol and oil and ready for immediate grass mowing (hurrah!). No mucking around with instruction manuals!

Your mower will arrive with an owners box containing a short instruction sheet for easy learning how to drive, a service schedule, a free first service kit, some safety gear, full owners and parts manuals, and of course a free surprise gift.

How often does the mower need servicing?

You should get a first service done on the Bobcat after 10 hours use, using the oil filter and oil provided. After this, the service periods are roughly once per year on average for most lifestyle block owners – this is outlined in the user booklet.

Who provides backup service?

Upon purchasing a Bobcat mower, you will be assigned a local service agent, who will look after your ongoing service needs. This is important as it means you have someone to contact should something ever go wrong with your mower, or if you just need a general service completed.

Should a warranty problem occur, you will need to get the machine repaired by your appointed service agent.

What are the warranty conditions?

Bobcat’s ‘Mow with Confidence’ 5 or 6 year warranties are globally renowned as being among, if not the best, in the industry. Each model has a different warranty, so please visit to find out more.

Is it hard to learn to drive?

All Bobcats include a quick learner driving instruction sheet showing you how to operate the mower easily and safety, and includes some really helpful tips to turn you into a pro fast! Overall, zero-turns take an hour or two to get the hang of, but at the end of the day are much simpler than driving a car with just handle controls and no foot controls for driving.

What about spare parts, like Blades?

You can contact us on 0800 503 555 should you wish to order any parts like blades or a spare belt, we can courier nationwide. We stock all necessary parts in New Zealand so you can be sure you won’t be left high and dry should you need something in a hurry.

What payment terms do you offer?

We accept most major credit cards, Farmlands cards or online direct credit as forms of payment. Should you wish to look at payment terms please have a chat with us, as we can offer 12 months interest free in most cases, subject to approval from the finance company.

Can I have a demonstration of the mower at my property?

Whilst we can’t guarantee an onsite demonstration anywhere in NZ due to logistical constraints, we regularly visit most regions of New Zealand for shows and Fieldays and can arrange to show you your choice of mower if possible. Contact us, we’ll do what we can to make this work for you.

We also have regional demo days, check out our schedule to see when we’re next in your area with a range of Bobcat mowers for you to trial.

Who is OMC Power Equipment?

We are a renowned outdoor power equipment supplier who have supplied lifestyle block and rural property owners, along with mowing contractors, for over 30 years. We have offices and warehouse distribution in both Auckland and Christchurch. Check out more about OMC Power Equipment here.

Do you offer specials and discounts?

We believe in upfront great prices, so our Bobcat range is priced extremely competitive – dare to compare!

How long has Bobcat been around for?

Bobcat has been making mowers for over 40 years in Wisconsin, USA, and was one of the pioneering firms in the zero-turn mower market, which is why today Bobcat is entirely focused on its zero-turn offering.

Even today, all the Bobcat range are made in a purpose built factory at No.1 Bobcat Lane, Wisconsin USA, and are truly Made in the USA. We regularly visit the factory, at least once a year to ensure we are happy with the product and the quality and can tell you that these are manufactured to the best quality around.

OMC Power Equipment has distributed Bobcat in New Zealand for a number of years, with excellent success, and have found that parts turnover is much lower than any other zero-turn we have worked with in the past. We have hundreds of these machines putting smiles on Kiwi property owners’ faces, all around New Zealand – just check out the reviews and you’ll see what we mean!

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