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Zero Turn Mowers


Our 'Residential & Lifestyle Block' mower range covers the BOB-CAT CRZ through to XRZ Pro and XRZ Pro RS mowers, offering deck sizes from 42" through to 62" cuts. These mowers are 'residential' in name only - with commercial style transaxles, incredible comfort features and 10ga fully fabricated cutting decks.


Take on any job confidently in a true commercial grade BOB-CAT. This range offers larger engine and deck sizes and peak performance with ground speeds up to a whopping 23km/h. Designed to mow the largest of lifestyle blocks and maintain a variety of landscapes all day, every day.

Watch the video: How to pick a BOB-CAT

Watch this brief video outlining our three most popular models for Kiwi lifestyle block owners, including the BOB-CAT CRZ, XRZ and XRZ Pro models.

Need Accessories?

Get the finish you want and the versatility you need out of your BOB-CAT with a range of accessories and add-ons, including catcher kits, mulch kits and more.