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The mulching kit is a popular way for Kiwis to mow their lawn, reducing visible clippings and returning organic material to the lawn. PRICE IS FOR 42". Mulching kits available for 48", 52" and 61 decks also.

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The BOB-CAT mulching kit is an ever-popular accessory for owners wanting to reduce visible clippings and return organic material to the lawn. It utilises Eliminator® blades and unique baffles to separate off each blade so that grass is processed into very small pieces and returned back to the lawn as efficiently as possible.

Prices vary from $395 to $633 inc GST depending on the deck size. Please note, the picture shows the 48" mulch kit, items vary by deck size.

How it works

The mulching kit can be fitted to most of the BOB-CAT range from 36" through to 61". It allows each blade to process its own cut grass and push the clippings back onto the lawn to avoid 'wind rows' that are possible with side discharge, and remove the inconvenience of collecting grass using a catcher.

It is a popular option for customers all around New Zealand and in particular the upper North Island where grass growth is rapid and grass types are more course.

There are however, three important mulching rules to follow.

The Three Mulching Rules

  1. Only cut 1/3 of the grass height down at a time. Take a look at the grass before you cut and work out the right height. This means that cut clippings will be processed and returned to the lawn without clogging or causing excessive strain on the mower due to processing of too much grass at once.
  2. Mow as often as possible. Because of rule one, you're going to need to mow at least once a week in the season to get a reasonable mulching finish. If you let the grass get away on you it will need several cuts to get it down to the right height and in the meantime the finish quality will be poor.
  3. Don't mow wet grass. Unlike side discharge, where the grass is forced out to the right, mulching traps the grass inside the blade area to chop it down as much as possible. This means that when wet, the grass has difficult flying around underneath and eventually falling back to the ground, resulting in clogging. Mow in as dry conditions as possible which means avoid mowing after rain or a heavy dew.

If these rules are followed, you'll be thrilled with the finish quality of the BOB-CAT mulching kit and keep your lawn looking in tip top shape.

The BOB-CAT mulching kit is available for all BOB-CAT models and deck sizes apart from the 72" Predator Pro 7000.

Why mulch?

Mulching is not only good for the lawn, but it makes the mowed appearance substantially better than side discharge, without the hassle of catching.

Can the mulch kit be used in conjunction with a catcher kit?

No. BOB-CAT's standard mulching kit seperates each blade into its own area for maximum mulching performance and therefore, the grass is no longer thrown to one side meaning the catcher is no longer effective. However, if you follow the three mulching rules, you'll get a very good finish and won't need to catch.

Can I mow long grass with this mulching kit?

You can mow as long grass as you want provided you're only taking off a third of the total grass length at a time. Any more than a third and the finish quality will be poor, and mowing may cause excessive strain on the belt which could lead to problems.

How easy is it to put on and off?

Once it has been fitted it is recommended to leave the mulching kit on permanently. Removing it is about a half and hour's job.

How does this compare to other mulch kits on the market?

From our experience of selling all varieties of mowers and zero turn mowers over the last 30 years, at OMC we don't believe in a 'one size fits all' or 'jack of all trades' mulching kits. In New Zealand there are a number of these available. Often, a so called 'mulching kit' is just a plate over the outlet which traps the grass underneath. These perform terribly as the grass builds up to the right of the deck and causes big strains on the belt. Another popular kit consists of flail blades, and is advertised to be able to quickly switch between mulching and side discharge, but this kit is much heavier than a standard blade and causes substantial strain on the belts and spindles potentially causing rapid wear and eventually breakdown. These also don't discharge very well. In short, you're best to get a dedicated mulch kit like the BOB-CAT one and leave it on permanently.