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QuickCat 4000 Stand On Zero-Turn Mower



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The ultimate in stand-on mower durability, quality of cut and ease of ownership. The all-new 2019 QuickCat 4000 offers exceptional user comfort in a rugged professional package, and of course with BOB-CAT's industry leading 6 Year / 2000 hour warranty!


The BOB-CAT QuickCat 4000 is renowned as one of the best stand-on mowers on the market, both in New Zealand and the world, with unparalleled engineering thought gone into making this mower easy to operate and extremely durable - as well offering the best warranty on the market! And with all-new benefits to the latest 2019 models, the QuickCat is already proving extremely difficult to beat!

The BOB-CAT QuickCat 4000 is available in New Zealand in 48" and 36" deck sizes.

Why Stand On?

While not for everyone, stand on zero turns have a number of unique benefits that are a perfect match for certain mowing contractors, city councils and private owners.

  • Mowing in tight areas, fast
  • Mowing in highly landscaped areas - more maneuverable than sit-on zero turns
  • Greatly improved operator comfort than sitting
  • Excellent slope performance
  • Fit more mowers on your trailer
  • Greatly improved productivity - up to 20% more lawns mown!
  • Lighter footprint - less ruts
  • Improved operator visibility
  • Put simply, a stand on mower will mow faster and help you get into places that other zero turns will not.

The QuickCat™ Features:

  • 13km/h mowing speed and up to 17km/h transport speed
  • Optimal operator station placement for excellent center of gravity
  • Extra-large drive tires for a smoother ride and better traction
  • Low placement of the fuel tank for improved balance on uneven ground
  • Large fuel tank for all-day mowing without refueling
  • Compact size for maneuvering in tight spaces and loading on crowded trailers
  • True floating deck improves cut quality and maintenance
  • Mulch kits and side catchers available
  • Extra ground clearance to safely move on and off high curbs
  • Extra-strong DuraDeck™ mower deck, backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • 6-Year 2000 hours limited warranty

Action Pictures

Engine of Quick Cat-4000
HIGH HORSEPOWER PERFORMANCE Fully loaded with the powerful Kawasaki® FX series engines—choose from four different horsepower options.
Controls of Quick Cat-4000
TOOL-FREE CONTROLS Equipped with smooth, dampened controls that come with tool-free, adjustable tracking and speed reference bar.
Operator Pad of Quick Cat-4000
EASY SERVICEABILITY Fast access to internal components is assured with our tethered, removable operator pad.
Flip-up platform of Quick Cat-4000
VIBRATION-DAMPENED PLATFORM Radial-bearing suspension reduces vibration and fatigue for a smooth, comfortable ride. Flip-up operator platform allows walking when necessary.
Deck of Quick Cat-4000
DURADECK™ CUTTING SYSTEM Our heavy-duty 36-, 48-, 52- and 61-inch DuraDeck™ is ruggedly equipped and features cast-iron spindle assemblies on the 48-, 52- and 61-inch decks.
Quick Cat-4000 Dual-Speed
DUAL-SPEED CONTROL Optimised control for you and your crew with 2-speed control—“cut” and “transport”—allowing speeds up to 17 KM/H
Operator Tower of Quick Cat-4000
UNMATCHED STABILITY Optimal operator-station design gives rise to excellent “center of mass” stability for traversing hills and slopes.
Engine36" - Kawasaki FX600V - 19 net horsepower
48" - Kawasaki FX651V - 21 net horsepower
Transaxles36" - HydroGear ZT-3100 transaxles
48" - HydroGear ZT-3400 transaxles
DeckDuraDeck™ - professional series deck with dual 10-gauge layers, 3- and 7-gauge reinforcements and professional spindles
Forward SpeedTwo-speed selector - cut and transport
36" - up to 14.5km/h
48" - up to 17km/h
Fuel Capacity36" - 19.3 Litres
48" - 25 litres
Tyre Size36" - 20 x 8.0–10
48" - 23 x 8.5–12
Warranty6 Year / 2000 hour Mow with Confidence limited warranty

Please see below for downloadable full specification sheet.


What are the benefits of stand on mowers?

The key benefit is increased productivity. This is achieved by using a stand on mower where previously a walk-behind mower would have been used. Other benefits include smaller size, for more trailer room, along with substantially increased slope performance. Operator fatigue is reduced significantly by the standing position rather than sitting.

How do Kiwi owners typically use the BOB-CAT QuickCat 4000?

In New Zealand, the BOB-CAT QuickCat Standon mower is a great addition to any mowing contractor's fleet, particularly when coupled with either a mulching kit, or a side catcher like the Catch Pro unit. This enables the contractor to fit through narrow gates then fit the catcher kit for collection in somewhere like a back yard in a residential area.

How do these perform on slopes?

Excellent. Not only does the QuickCat stand on maintain traction on much steeper slopes than a standard zero turn mower, but it also has a flip up foot plate so that you can walk behind the mower on the steepest of areas.