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The ideal solution for those needing to collect small areas of grass

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Have you got kids or pets? Sick of having one area of the lawn looking untidy, with messy clippings being trampled inside?

This catcher is for you!

The BOB-CAT side bag catcher is compatible with the entire BOB-CAT range and is ideal for catching one part of your lawn that you want to look tidy and clean.

While BOB-CAT mowers are excellent for mowing on a lifestyle block or on a farm, or for commercial use, nearly everyone needs a catcher from time to time.

Rear bag catchers can are hard to put on and off and are typically prone to blocking in New Zealand's long and often damp conditions. Here's why this catcher could be what you're after;

  • Ideal for collecting up lawn around the house
  • Extremely easy to take on and off - within 15 seconds
  • Side throw - no chutes to cause blocking
  • Easy to empty, from the seat or into a bin
  • 5 Bushel - moderate capacity ideal for the front lawn or kids play area.
  • Made in the USA

How much grass does the BOB-CAT Side Bag Catcher hold?

The BOB-CAT Side Bag Catcher holds 5 bushels which is 176 litres. This is a similar amount to most small catching ride on mowers, or about 2/3 the capacity of larger collecting ride on mowers.

Can this be used in conjunction with a mulch kit?

No. BOB-CAT's standard mulching kit seperates each blade into its own area for maximum mulching performance and therefore, the grass is no longer thrown to one side meaning the catcher is ineffective on the mulching mower.

How easy is it to put on and off?

Once a simple bracket has been fitted to your BOB-CAT Mower, then taking the catcher on and off is a less than 30-second job.

How well does it collect damp or wet or long grass?

Very well. Due to there being no chute, the grass is thrown directly into the catcher so there is minimal risk of blocking. However in really damp or wet grass, the catcher may not fill up to the brim like it would with dry grass, due to the extra weight of the wet grass.

What is the finish quality like?

Beautiful. Get a neat striped look without any clippings left over on the lawn. Great if you have friends coming over or don't want the kids or pets to trample grass indoors!

Customer Reviews

Lynda Haines
Our last mower didn't have a catcher, so to get this catcher with our Bobcat was a real advantage. The cut is beautiful. I like my lawns looking nice.