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The Big League Lawn striping kit is the perfect addition to your BOB-CAT zero turn mower to get a picture perfect lawn that will make your neighbours green with envy. Designed and made in the USA, this kit was designed to give home owners a lawn that looked like their nearest baseball park (in New Zealand's case, cricket pitch!).

How it works

This lawn striping kit mounts onto the rear bumper of your BOB-CAT mower and consists of weighted rollers mounted onto a floating carrier frame that flows over the contours of your lawn. It works by laying the cut grass down in one direction so that the sun / light catches on the grass going one way and the shadow of the next stripe going the other way to give a beautiful stripe. Quick hitch mounts mean this is easy to put on and off.

Tips for a perfect stripe

To get a perfect stripe, it is recommended to mow your lawn around the 2.75" mark or higher, as this will mean the grass blades lie down properly and therefore accentuating the highlights and shadows. You should also take into account the sun angles during the day so that the stripes are running forward and backward into the direction of the sun for maximum effect.

This striping kit is currently only available for the BOB-CAT CRZ 42 and XRZ 48" models.

How is a striped look achieved?

The rollers lay the grass down in the direction of travel, and when the stripes are made back and forward in the direction of the sun, you will get the optimum looking stripe.

What are some of the looks that we can try?

The options are endless - try a wavy stripe, a checkerboard stripe, or double strips for an incredible look.

How do we get the best stripe?

The best stripe should be with as minimal clippings as possible as visible clippings will cover the lawn meaning the effect will be lessened. For this reason, we would recommend only cutting an inch off the grass height, or trying with a side bag catcher kit, to get the best finish.